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Update: Good Ship Lala-Land Log – Happy Hour, 18 DEC 2019

Updated: Apr 3

No, that should read Happy New Day: Lala Log but for conformity sake, we’ll call this post an update.

Right, here we go… greetings, welcome abroad the good ship Lala-Land… we guarantee smooth sailing and very little in the realms of doldrum dodging. If you don’t find us all a-flounder, you’ll find us landlocked somewhere near the closet ocean. Just to prove that point… here’s a view of the wild winter world as seen from my office porthole, down on the lower decks… where the skivvies hang out.

Pic 1

I’ll swing your gaze out to sea… yes, that very horizontal line between the rooftops is the distant sea horizon.

Pic 2

On a different day I may be out there taking a breather… strolling on the beach… gazing south… to a very yonder land. For now, I’m safely tucked away from the raging storm outside, warm, as warm as can be at the peak of the northern winter. I’m thinking… a bit of Oubies could add warmth… but alas, I’m on the wagon so, music is doing the warming! Good old memories, and other upbeat tunes… streaming as I type.

You may wonder – I say, wonder no more! SAFFER Worldwide radio is now a reality! Years of dreaming and scheming… and now it is a reality! But… before I go any further… I have to say a heartfelt thanks to the creative genius behind making my vision a reality!

Thank-you Paul, from the bottom of my heart – you have made said captain of the good ship Lala-Land most happy, with a warm fuzzy feeling all over.

So… welcome here – be sure to subscribe and follow on all the social media platforms… we’ll be placing regular updates! OK, before I go… submissions welcome, we’re planning for the release of Issue One of the magazine by 15 January… so, let’s hear from you on or around the 8th, won’t you please?

Thanks, talk soon,

Vossie and Team!


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