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All Lives Must Matter

Many occupants of this world seems to have lost the plot. It seems, if you are of the wrong pigment, you are blamed (and will be blamed) for every ill that has befallen this little blue blob in the Milky Way... from the beginning of time until every semblance of sanity is overthrown!

In South Africa, there has been a low intensity war ongoing for decades. Well, a few different wars really... if it's not the taxi wars, it is the black-on-black violence between different political/ tribal factions.

There is also the war that most people of the ruling party claim does not exist - the war on farmers - farmers of a certain pigment. I must share this - in light of so many who are supporting the message of a marxist grouping that uses one's skin tone as a tool for hate spreading!

I do not post this to stir the pot - only to highlight that ALL LIVES MATTER - those of my tribe too!!


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